TBWA London seeks free ideas for Sony


TBWA London seeks free ideas for Sony


caffeinegoddess just emailed adlist (invite only, nudge me if you want on) that Sony are looking from some new ideas at thebigwhatadventure.com.

Gotta love this in the terms and conditions: 8. In submitting your user content you understand that TBWA and its clients will be able to use, reproduce, develop, implement, adapt, distribute and promote all user content in any form and in all media, anywhere in the world, for any purpose, without payment to you.



It's not CGC (Consumer Generated Content) It's CGF (Consumer Getting Fucked) But you know what, lot's of people who don't have a real life will sign up for it. Then if it's any good, Lee Clow will enter it in next years Cannes... Under his name.

It's misnamed. Should be TBCA.com - The Big Cheese Adventure. Crappy-looking site with crappy copy. And not the first time these bastards have tried to pick our brains. I'm surprised they didn't use the line "it's all about you".

isn't that the background idea of all user-generated frenzy? CGC should be called "Modern Slavery" instead.

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