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...and Steve Jobs is going to pop a brain vein over this one.

Source: MacNN - New York Times sports writer Mike Wise's coverage of the weekend's Western Conference Finals Game 3 between the San Antonio Spurs and Los Angeles Lakers contained mention of a just-completed mural near the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles. However, the mural was attributed to the wrong company.

To taste this delicious marvel of journalistic intelligence, or lack thereof, read more...

"As visitors drove up to the Staples Center this afternoon, they could view a just-completed mural on the outside of a downtown hotel. On the left was Wilt Chamberlain finger-rolling the ball in, in the middle was Kareem Abdul-Jabbar launching a sky hook and on the right was O'Neal dunking ferociously, his knees up in the air, like a kid hanging on a jungle gym in the playground. On top of the mural was the Microsoft slogan, 'Think Different.'"

Well, so much for brand recall!
- Clay2

Note: The online version of the article has since been corrected. (You need to be registered with the NYT to see the full and corrected story, but thanks to the Fair Use provisions of US Copyright laws in regards to sampling for educational use and/or critical review, well... you know.)

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