Ted Williams / Homeless man with a golden voice causes bidding war

Ted Williams is the homeless man with the golden radio voice in Colombus Ohio, who has blown 4,024,790 people away with his spontanious worldwide youtube audition for a job. A videographer had read his sign and decided to put him to the test, on camera. He uploaded the video to youtube, and soon it was all over Reddit, twitter, and now even CNN. As @adland tweeted yesterday, I am a sucker for happy endings, and it looks like Ted has talked his way into a permanent radio job, in fact CNN says there might even be a bidding war going on to get Teds Voice.

I still hope to hear Teds naturally perfectly equalized voice in a good samaritan type pro-bono campaign. Radio (and TV voiceovers) might be "the theatre of the mind" as Ted says, but the added touch of real life experience shining through in his voice is sure to add to any great idea. If you hear, or hire him, let us know.

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