Telemarketeers sue federal agency over do not call list.


Telemarketeers sue federal agency over do not call list.

ABC News tells the story of the Telemarketeers sueing a second government agency over the do-not-call lists. The American Teleservices Association claims that the list could cut their business in half, costing up to $50 billion in sales per year. It could also eliminate up to two million jobs.

The free government registry for blocking telephone sales pitches has grown to more than 28 million numbers since it was opened June 27, according to the Federal Trade Commission, which operates the service. The FTC has predicted registration to grow to 60 million numbers by next summer.

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Well Boo Hoo - Cry me a river! Two million jobs? Last time I called a customer support place the person answering the phone was in South America. They have been moving call-centers and telemarketeers out of the country for years anyway.

Here's an idea. Lets shift all those lost telemarketing jobs over to Tech Support or Customer Service lines. This way, I don't have to be put on hold for 20 minutes just to get an answer to one, simple question.

Great idea. Only it's too logical to be implemented! ;)

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