Telia's iPhone campaign is just a tad contradictory.


Telia's iPhone campaign is just a tad contradictory.


Many Swedish apple-fans have been saying that Apple made their worst choice ever when they decided to pair up with Telia when shilling their iPhones in Scandinavia. (They obviously don't remember Lisa)

Talk about beauty and the beast. Now in the Telia/iPhone advertising universe we found this prime example of FAIL spotted by copywriter Ulrika Good. The headline: We've got it. while the copy below reads "right now we have long delivery times." Talked about mixed messages, have you got it or not Telia? Meh, I didn't want one anyway. No seriously, I don't want one. Quit throwing apples at me.


he he he its so painfully bad that it made me laugh

At the risk of having the entire agency of Storåkers hating me, all Telia campaigns are crap (Hey, I'll keep saying that s long as they keep not submitting any ads to me! HA!)

Why would you even say that kind of thing in your copy? Or do you think they wanted to say something else and it all got muddled in the artworking dept?

Nope, I think they wanted to make people who waited in line all night realize that they could not walk away with a phone asap.

Worst writing ever.

This is how you make people appreciate the product.

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