There should be a drivers licence for the intrawebs.


On the internet, people might now know that you're a dog but they sure as hell know that you are an idiot.

The owners of asdf get all sorts of sign-up passwords and crazy emails because people are in the habit of filling in forms with a quick lefthanded typing of asdf atsign asdf dot com because those letters are so neatly arranged right there on the keyboard. So the owners of shut down that amusing email. Shame.

On the same train of thought, someone else has registered and guess what, people reply anyway, so now they publish everything they get. They told you not to reply! So companies like Merryl Lynch are emailing out possibly sensitive information to their customers, and said customers reply - leaving this guy to post everything he gets on his weblog. Yardville National Bank is also this insecure with their information, and would ya believe it so is the The Department of Homeland Security. Holy shit. You know that I'm *kicking* myself for not registering that domain right now.

As for all of you that sign up here with ddddddd@yahoo or asdf@gmail - the email addy you use to sign up here with will receive the password to get in here. So stop trying to be clever, if you have no password you can't get in smartass. Which reminds me, I need to write a module that automatically deletes accounts created with bouncing email addies, there's at least ten a day. Yeah I know, silly isn't it?

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    Hahah, I didn't see this one until now defense contractor Kellogg Brown & Root (Halliburton) are fools too with the "" - holy shit!

    M____ C____ ordered almost $5,000 worth of portable toilets. Better watch out for this guy, sounds like he is planning a rave.

    Mar 20, 2008
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    Oh here's a *gem* regarding advertising.
    Microsoft Funds Piracy - he finds Microsoft banner ads on sites that are your usual torrent-listings, emails screendumps to microsoft and gets a canned response. Ha.

    I have a feeling I might be laughing at this site all day. Any site where people consistently spell site "sight" is funny by default.

    Mar 20, 2008

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