For those who missed the cat herding post-game show...

In preparation for Superbowl XXXV, a proud and noble sporting event certain to be overshadowed by the even prouder and nobler commercials made possible by companies willing to dish out seven digits of dinero for thirty seconds of possible legend-making eye candy, there's a certain spot which almost quietly aired during ABC's Monday Night Football on Nov. 20th and then again on Thanksgiving Day...

It's a high flyin' spot that somehow went under our ad-obsessive radar... was made for EDS by Fallon McElligott... and is officially part two of the EDS trilogy which began with an ode to Cat Herders and concludes on Super Bowl Sunday with the Running of the Squirrels. To fully appreciate the capitalistic smorgasbord which will be presented before your blurred-by-beer'n'dip'n'cheezedoodlez eyes this weekend, be sure to check out part two, a nifty little advert entitled "Airplane" that was obviously shot in only one take on a cheap camcorder, right here.

Naturally, there's a Quicktime EDS Airplane in our massive superbowl commercial collection as well. Who loves ya baby?

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