Time to buy some alka-zeltzer

Cannes Lions is far too soon! Their site revamped, they collected previous winners in a searchable database - bliss! It might be the most 'boring' Cannes Lions site you have ever seen, but it is by far the most useful one they have made. "which seminar did you go to?" is not as common of a question as "which party were you at last night?" , which reaches "did you see the shortlist?" levels of popularity by the middle of the week.. So do your homework: Where will you party once in Cannes?.............. listing here.

On the 20th of June MassiveMusic and Condor are having their yearly bash on the beach. Go to cannesparty.nl if you want in on that one. Tell 'em I sent ya. ;)

On Thursday the 21st Dentsu will be having Sushi and Sake at 19.30 in the Salon Dinard the Majestic hotel, just like last year but hopefully without the noisy crew of Swedes in the back who didn't care much for Dentsu's reel and speaches by honorable boardmembers, just for the Sake and lots of it.

Dentsu are also holding a seminar at the Debussy Theatre in the festival Palace between 17.30 and 18.30 Thursday 21st. "Asian explosion", speakers include Ctar Sudasna, from Siam Studio in Bankok, Mohammed Khan from Mumbai in India and Akira Kagami - from Dentsu. Smile and say "Arigato" as Japanese ads are your eye candy.

Bribe someone, sell your Mother, just make damn sure you get invited to Rushes annual BBQ on Friday. The food is good, the sun is hot, the villa has a fabulous view of all Cannes, and red wine bottles float in the pool. Bring a bikini. Prepare to get wet. Are Shots holding a party as well? Probably. More as they arrive.

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