The Times of India steal images off Flickr for publication, copyright be damned.


The Times of India, which by some is considered a reputable newspaper, have happily made a practice of printing copyrighted images without the rights holders permission. It gets better, they defend this with; is common practice to “use” free images from the net.

The photographer whose work was printed in the Times of India tells the full Story here:

When I asked TOI for compensation, I was told that they will pay what they pay to their own photographers, which is a grand sum of 250 INR. I am tired of using this word repeatedly, but yet again, I was shocked and told the editor to keep this princely sum with herself. I was then offered 1500 INR as a “last offer” since this picture had been taken and used without my permission (such euphemism for THEFT). Just who the hell is TOI to decide compensation for MY piece of work?

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