Tooheys "Catapult" into viral


Tooheys "Catapult" into viral


Last week Saatchi launched a viral effort for Tooheys New at ForTheLoveOfBeer. Yesterday it made it's debut on television.

Some might think of Carlton's Big Ad, as the scale of this commerical is somewhat similar. But Lion Nathan, makers of Tooheys, says the new spot was in planning through Saatchi & Saatchi, as far back as last April, months before the launch of Carlton's Big Ad of last July.

David Nobay, Saatchi's executive creative director, says: "We had three big ideas to come of that and we really had to think about which one we were doing first. This has really informed our work and given us a great creative platform."

See it here.


Just plain brilliant. Will make my day.

Beer rain - just imagine how horrid that would smell! Great concept though. And nicely executed.

More on the spot from down under here. Here's a snippet for posterity:

The creative director behind the Big Ad has labelled the 90-second extravaganza by Saatchi & Saatchi a "glorified product sequence".

James McGrath, creative director at George Patterson Y&R Melbourne, said: "Why would you bother emailing it to anyone? It's little more than a glorified product sequence

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