The top five commercials are decided by YOU


The top five commercials are decided by YOU

welcome to another set of site news. ;)

You see that list of top five commercials? It's the ads that have been viewed the most these past 30 days - it comes as no suprise to me that Budweiser Leon and other Bud spots are climbing to the top. How this toy works is simple, watch an ad and it counts as a "hit". Tell all your super adgrunt friends to watch the same ad and the hitcount will climb, eventually that ad will end up on top of the heap - so you guys control which ads end up on the top five list. It's a real reflection of what actually is the most popular.

If you read more I recommend toolbars "bookmarks" on this site, and whatever happened to the ad agency links?

Well, the ad agency links have been moved away from the adlink table for now while I figure out where to put them, or if they are even worth keeping. They were used, sparingly, it's hard to find agencies when you google. I've been thinking that it's own simple page in alphabetical order at /adagencylinks.php would be better as the huge amount of ad agencies tend to drown out all the other interesting links in the adlinks. So, I'm working on that.

Bookmarks, oh boy. Someone suggested/asked if there was a way to bookmark their favorite pages on adland (apart from in their browser) , saying this would be a good way to keep track of ads and articles they want to refer back to later. I do see the value in this but I've been scratching my head as to how it could best be done.

On your own page, you can reach 'yourself' as others see you up in the left hand corner where it reads "Welcome , you have lists of articles and ads that you rated, posted or commented. Here's what mine looks like Dabitch. So while a comment or a rating will add X ad or article to your page in a bookmark kind of way, there's also other solutions out there for those who want to earmark LOADS of ads and share with others.

As I was contemplating the "How do I do this?" I stumbled across plenty of places dedicated solely to link-collecting and sharing. Instead of reinventing the wheel, I recommend these two really good solutions. is the ultimate collect and share link place. You sign up and in (it's completely free). Once you have created an account you can drag bookmarklets to your links bar. As you surf around the web, and AdLand, and find delicious pages you just click that bookmarklet to add it to your bookmarks at delicious. Your own page will have a url and look like this: There's even an RSS feed from your delicious bookmarks that you can use on your own homepage. You can subscribe to other delicious users feed, like all your friends. The ultimate share good links tool? Wait it gets better - there is even a toolbar available for delicious at mozilla development. If you are the toolbar type, this toy is for you.

Another good toy, this one is a little different but still free as a bird. It's called stumbleupon. You install a toolbar and select your favorite topics to surf, advertising, design typography perhaps? Let the stumbleupon show you a few sites you may never have seen before and rate them thumbs up or down to establish your preferences, and off you go.
Each time you find a page you want to rate "up" you have the ability to also comment on the page - making a "blog" in the process, like this one. Every site you ever rated is also kept in a file that you can clean up whenever you fancy. All of your rated sites are available as a rss feed and the ones you comment on are also available in another feed. People who don't already have blogs may use the stumbleupon as one, but my favorite thing about this tool is all the sites you find when you simply stumble randomly, stuff you'd never find with google, and most of it quite good!

To make the circle complete, you can always add your delicious link or stumbleupon link in your profile here so that other adgrunts can find your delicious links or stumbleupon page. :)

That's all for now, as usual suggestions of what you'd like to see here on AdLand are all considered and much appreciated!


I'm glad you suggested , I found it about six months ago and use it all the time. I share links with co-workers via , when my browser needed to be reintsalled and for some reason lost all it's bookmarks saved the day as all the important ones where there. Give it a go people, its worth it.

Never did try that stumbleupon thing, I see it works on all platforms and browsers. I might give that a try.

Great Stuff!

The top five thing rules!

Thanks for showing everyone and me and stumbleupon, really useful bookmark-toys!

Glad you like the new top five - I hope you find the b ookmark toys as useful as I do, I only recommend stuff I actually use, yaknow.

Oh, if anyone would like to see my it's here

Roughly 160 links alltogehter are now listed on their own page here:
ad agency links. is another one of those bookmark pages, where you can get your links in RSS feeds and share with your friends on a webpage and so on.

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