Top ten reasons we hate using stock - #137

He's got an MSI Wind, no wait, he's got an Asus Eee PC.... No, wait of course, it's none of the above but rather an iBook if you check the original Getty Image. What we know the ad creators did get was 'royalty free image'. Oh you silly silly people, don't let the suits do that to you.


(ps, anyone else think that little orange cap-lad is everywhere girl's little brother?)

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Yes they are in fact related.

More importantly, they were shot by the same photographer. The caps are his trademark.

Apparently, he was denied the use of headwear whilst computing, and has never gotten over it.

It's his silent cry.

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hahaha! Did you know btw, that everywheregirl has her own blog, and a flickr account full of headshots (she's a brunette now). And she's had a succesful career on book covers.

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Wow I didn't know she was also into literature.e. and so versatile with hair color, too!

And a blog! Check out the about section. She humbly describes herself as "...a Tree-Huggin' Geek Goddess from Oregon just trying to find my spot in this world in order to make it a better place..."

Hat's off to you! She really is the everywhere girl!

I think Instead of doing rewrites for the 8th time, I shall instead take it upon myself to compose a song in her honor. Because that is really the only thing she's missing.