Toyota offends Chinese consumers

Japanese car maker Toyota Thursday apologized to Chinese consumers for running advertisements that had drawn widespread indignation and criticism from China's netizens, who see them as a deliberate act by the Japanese car firm to insult the Chinese.

Chinese netizens didn't take long to do a spoof of the ad (shown above), showing stone lions smashing the Japanese car instead, and call for an all out boycott of Japanese products.

Toyota translates the word Prado as "Badao" in Chinese, a word that means "high-handed" or "domineering." The tagline reads "You have to respect Baoda."

The two car ads look harmless at first glance, one ad shows a stone lion, a traditional symbol of power in China, saluting one of Toyota's new Prado SUVs. Alas, many connect the stone-lion with those carved on the Marco Polo bridge where Japanese imperial troops launched a full-scale invasion of China in 1937. The bridge has become one of the symbols of humiliation China has suffered in modern history.

Source: Peoples Daily

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When did everyone become so goddamn sensitive? It's just advertising, for chrissake!