trackback is here.


trackback is here.

all you pinging weblogging adgrunts will be happy to see that yep - we got trackback here thanks to cip our neighbour at go ahead ping us like nuts, and we can ping back. hope ya'll like the new toy.

another way of browsing is here - browse the archive by months and year. That link is tacked to the super search page and the topics page now so ya'll can find it. I made all the pages load fewer articles at a time now too so there's less to load - browse and search to find articles from a few days back and use the top fifty page.

just a note I feel I need to say - there is a disclaimer at this site, it's first paragraph explicity states that you shouldn't repost our images and films - or worse, hotlink directly to them - yet this past week thousands of people have. Could ya cut it out? please? what if i say pretty please? *bats eyelashes and sweetens the pretty with sugar* mmmkay? :)

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