Train Ads.


Train Ads.

I think I can I think I can.. Rip off another train-ad, cause hey, they are all the same...I think I can I think I can I think I can.......

norweigan version

Client: Norweigan Railways Agency: N&T Leo Burnett. AD: Morten Saether CW: Nils Petter Nordsker Photographer: Håkan ludvigsson Line reads:"The train lets you run away with your thoughts."Toget er å la tankene fly. Seen In:Epica awards book 1992

swedish version

Client: Swedish Railways (SJ) Agency: Mattsson & friends AD: Olle MattssonCW: Dunno Line reads: I closed my eyes, and then I traveled. The inner journey. Seen In:All over the place in april -99, posters and whatnot, banners at (where I got this banner from, reload if you missed the animation).

Thanks to a tip from a site visitor these were found.

They are extremely similar..even in the Art Directions orangy fall colors which is a bit of a coicidence...

If it's a rip-off or not, I'll let you decide. I'm undecided.

Personally I'll just secretly curse all the railways in scandinavia for being just as expensive as the airways, and leaving the agencies with no other selling option than some dreamy hippie stuff about 'inner journeys'. Wake up railways, you take umpteen more hours than the airways to get to peoples destination, at least stay cheap so that you have some kind of selling point!! But heck, that's just my opinion.. what's yours? Do you have one?


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