Trashing sexist (?) and substandard Super Bowl ads on the Beancast.

The beancast is up : download the mp3 here to listen in when I, George Parker, Steve Hall of Adrants and Bill Green of Make The Logo Bigger rip apart the 2010 super bowl XLIV ads with Bob Knorpp acting as a referee as we beat dead horses to sausage meat.

When we spoke about Dodge, Woman's last stand was brought up, which is a response to the Dodge Charger - Mans last stand Super Bowl ad. Bob Knorpp mentions the real response from w+k - The getaway car:

Later in the conversation, we were all wishing that the Old Spice "Your man could smell like me had run this on the Super Bowl. It would have reigned supreme. Repeat after me: I'm on a horse.

More links - Show notes on Episode 91 - same old stuff, and Fast takes (iTunes). Do not miss out on what George is talking about, Godaddy is GoCreepy where the founder has videos where he talks about how brilliant he is, flanked by well endowed women ready to rub his... ego.