Treasure Hunt for Sapporo


Treasure Hunt for Sapporo

As part of Dentsu Canada’s “Legendary Biru” campaign, visitors to enter a lavish journey through Japan’s rich cultural heritage that reveals the brewing process behind Sapporo beer. Throughout this journey, lead by a character known as The Sage, a number of scrolls can be uncovered. Some are easy to find and tell a brief story about the beer, while others are well hidden and require diligence to unlock. Those who reach the end of the journey are given a message tailored to the number of scrolls they’ve discovered, while those who manage to collect all 15 scrolls are entered to win a trip to Japan.

“Sapporo beer is easily recognizable - thanks to its uniquely shaped can,” says Michael Gramlow, Creative Director, Lollipop. “But beyond the iconic can, most Canadians knew nothing about Sapporo beer, or the brand. As part of the ‘Legendary Biru’ campaign, at we have created a poetic interpretation of the story behind Sapporo’s brewing process.” Continues Gramlow.

Sapporo - Legendary Biru

To create the vertical narrative scrolling experience in Flash at, Lollipop stitched together the live action, computer graphics and matte paintings. “Interactivity is layered into the scenes of the brewing process so that the user has some control over the experience without interrupting the visual flow of the idea,” says Gramlow. “It was challenging to create an experience that relies so heavily on richly textured scenes without requiring an extensive load time - we managed this by intelligently loading and unloading content as the user makes their journey through the site.”

The live action footage was shot on location in Guangzhou, China. Toronto-based Sons and Daughters was the live action production company and Crush, Toronto handled the post production and visual effects. TV, print and social media all drive consumers to

Toronto-based Lollipop is an interactive creative production company founded by Amanda Loughran and Michael Gramlow. Lollipop collaborates with leading agencies to turn ideas into great digital experiences. To get there, Lollipop provides interactive direction, full-service production management, design, animation, development and programming services. Lollipop’s work has been featured by The FWA, Creative Review, Shots, Boards and Marketing.


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