Tribal DDB Israel first ad agency website on instagram, while Holler already claimed pinterest

Whenever something gets "hot" in these here intarwebs, ad agencies act either like deers caught in headlights or settlers racing to claim land in Oklahoma. The latest land rush ad agencies are Tribal DDB Israel who stuck their ad agency flag in Instagram creating an agency website one can navigate around using hashtags, if one can be arsed. Meanwhile the Holler agency in Sydney Australia pinned their entire agency website onto pinterest. Wow, we're long past the days of "lets ask the clients if we are allowed to do that" aren't we? Modernista!'s former "javascript our URL around every mention of us on the web" stunt and BooneOakley's Youtube website seems so far away now. At least Grey Stockholm still has facebook.

When will an agency get really smart and build their website on or HuffPo? Just write a puff-piece about everything you've ever done and pay to promote it to the front page. Bonus, you can always say "as seen in Forbes" about anything you ever did.