Trivia Chain - are you game?


Trivia Chain - are you game?


Another chance to show off your adgrunt skills, impress everyone with your ad trivia and win a 20-pack of Jewelboxings!

>Ask a question about advertising that contains the answer to the previous question. Simple as that.
We'll pick a post each week for the next three weeks and send them a Jewelboxing 20pack free of charge. We started the thread with three entries as an example. Have at it!

Ready? Lets go - Here's how to do this:

In the film 'Lost in Translation', Bill Murray's character travels to
Tokyo to appear in an ad campaign for what product?

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Sofia Coppola has stated that the premise for 'Lost in Translation' was a series of television ads for Suntory Whiskey which featured
what internationally acclaimed film director who is not her father?

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Akira Kurosawa's 'Seven Samurai' was remade as the Hollywood Western 'The Magnificent Seven.' The Elmer Bernstein's score from that film was used extensively in a series of American television spots for what product during the '60s?

See, it's easy, just impress us with your trivia by answering our last question while asking a new one at the same time. So what product was it?


Marlboro cigarettes, the masculine ad campaign created to move away from Marlboro's feminine (filtered) image was the brainchild of which advertising legend?

What is the approach called based off of Leo Burnett's concept of finding the product's drama and playing it out in the ads instead of relying only on cleverness?

Burnett's 'inherent drama' technique was born thanks to his 'red on red' campaign for meat.

But which other famous Burnett creation appeared in a 1984 comedy directed by Ivan Reitman.

Sorry - just realised that the answer caffeinegoddess may have been looking for was the Chicago School - in which case the question would be:

The Chicago School was born after the famous 'red on red' campign for red meat.

But which other famous Burnett creation appeared in a 1984 film comedy directed by Ivan Reitman?

Twinkies, Cheese-its, New Coke and Budweiser found their way into Ghostbusters, along with the Pillsbury doughboy-esque Stay-puft marshmallow man, while Ray Parker Jr. found himself in court for plagiarizing Huey Lewis' "I Want a New Drug" on his hit song "Ghostbusters", and Huey Lewis later found himself singing what song as a duet with Blythe Danner's daughter?

Pillsbury doughboy, whos voice was shared with Boris Badenov on the Bullwinkle show and another famous ad charachter who has a great sense of smell - who?
drats, I was a bit late on the posting trigger there. I guess you should ignore me then. ;)

called Cruisin' - what product does Ms Paltrow advertise in Italy and Australia that she doesn't want her US fans to know about?

"Gwyneth Paltrow never drinks, and she adheres to a strict healthy diet. Yet when a $7 million cheque was waved in her face, she agreed to be the new face of Martini in Australia (and Italy) though now she is pregnant with Coldplay's Chris Martin who turned down what actor's request for use of his song in a 2001 film?

Sylvester Stallone battled against Mr. T's Clubber Lang in 1982's Rocky III, but twenty one years later, Mr. T fought against a giant store chain for unauthorized use of his face and image in their TV commercial. Who was the nefarious chain that dissed the T?

Best Buy - who've just won which NAA award, and what is the name of the winner?

Newspaper Association of America

You might ignore this, but since he asked for the name of the winner the correct answer is:The Advertising Person of the Year for 2004 is Marsha A. Lawrence, print media manager, Best Buy Co. Inc who used to work at Campbell Mithun, who recently settled with the FTC for fibbing about the health benefits of what product?

The makers of Wonder Bread and its ad agency, Campbell Mithun, have agreed to settle charges from the Federal Trade Commission. The FTC had alleged that the ads made unsubstantiated claims about the product's health benefits. Wonder Bread's 1929 theme song that went "yo-ho yo-ho yo-ho..." was regularly performed by what quartet?

hikifuda were Edo period handbills, but what brand and product did Stevie Wonder promote/endorse in Japan?

Stevie Wonder might have recently hawked for Kirin Fire canned coffee-type beverage in Japan, but good ol' Juan Valdez and his trusty donkey have been selling Colombian coffee since the 50s thanks to what initial ad agency?

Like DDB founder William Bernbach, which famous Pepsi drinking model's brother also died of Leukemia?

Did you have to make the Q so hard shoepal? ;D - this is the thread that should be played. I guess we got ourselves two chains now.So - the Wonderbread song was regularly performed by what quartet?

Christie Brinkley is also known as the gal who had the longest running contract in modeling history - 20 years for Covergirl. Her ex-husband, Billy Joel, wrote a certain song where she starred in the music video - a word in the song's name was also the name of a failed cigarette brand that was aimed at African Americans - What was that particular brand o' smokes named?

Uptown's developer, R.J. Reynolds, also found itself on the bad PR pyre for giving its Camel brand of cigarettes a mascot whose nose resembled a... what?


The Happy Wonder Bakers may have sung Wonder Bread's 1929 jingle, but what was Dunkin' Donuts' Fred the Baker's famous catch phrase that was used for fifteen years?

"Time to make the donuts" - he was the creation of a now defunct ad agency headed up by a certain Carl Ally. One of their famous fedex creations had a very speedy talker - what actor played the part of the fast talking man?

Michael Salisbury, a designer who's helped shape our pop culture landscape, was also behind the advertising and marketing for what brand of surf gear, so essential in the 80s?

Super Famicom is the name of the Super Nintendo in Japan, but what do the Japanese call a television commercial?

John Moschitta, Jr. played the part of Mr. Spleen in over 80 FedEx commercials. Later, he was the voice actor for Blurr/Punch-Counterpunch in the Transformers cartoons, and also starred in commercials for what diminutive toy line?

MicroMachines, which recently had a game come out on the Game Cube, which is a nintendo platform. What was the name of the Super Nintendo in Japan (difficulty: easy)?

Gotcha surfwear's advertising most likely found its way into the short lived magazine, Beach Culture, designed by David Carson, who recently (late 90s) returned to publishing with the release of Blue, a magazine currently designed by whom?

After digging through my bookshelf, and hitting two bookstores, the curiosity was killing me. So I Googled it.

Quickly found the answer

Google is fair game, as far as I am concerned. Would be rather hard to enforce a google ban, ya know.

Full disclosure: I've used Google a couple times now, particularly the japanese hand bill word.

is: ko-ma-a-sha-ru , if you ask an online dictionary it'll say 'terebi comeetchyaru', teribi = TV.
What is the most common length (in seconds) for a Japanese TV commercial?

Google is the best way for research for many of us amateur ad-grunts. I have no bookshelf full of advertising books (nor a bookshelf overflowing with anything), nor does Northwest Arkansas have the most extensive of libraries.

I never even considered that google may be taboo.

the most common length of Japanese TV commercial is 15 seconds, how short and what was advertised with the worlds shortest TV commercial?

MuchMusic, a Canadian Music and Video Channel, and was only half a frame long. A bit subliminal and/or insubstantial if you ask me. Speaking of Insubstantial, our answer to the other chain is nonexistent? So to tie the chains back together, who is the designer for Blue?

All righty, then. Ever forward.

Christa Skinner is currently designing Blue, a magazine named after a color. The magazine Colors, the recently relaunched Benetton publication, was originally edited by which legendary designer?

NOTE: Chains are combined.

Re: Gotcha, by AlphaSquirrel on Apr 21
Christa Skinner is currently designing Blue, a magazine named after a color. The magazine Colors, the recently relaunched Benetton publication, was originally edited by which legendary designer?

Tibor Kalman designed Colors Magazine, and speaking of famous designers, Peter Saville, who designed many of the flyers and cover art for the original Factory releases recently had a retrospective at London's Design Museum, designed by whom?

yeah, it was fun to watch the chains grow back together - good save! Go up for the last link in chain...

As well as editing Colors Magazine, Tibor Fischer designed the cover for the Talking Heads 1980 album Remain in Light.

Five years later the band asked another director to take the helm for the video to "Lady Don't Mind".

Who was that director?

Jim Jarmusch. For all those children of the 80's: the first (and one-millionth) video on MTV was what group, song, and director?

"Video killed the radio star" was song by Buggles and the video was directed by Russell Mulcahy, who went on to direct feature films as so many commercial directors do - quick can you name three other commercial directors who have moved on to popular, controversial, or just plain weird features in recent years?

*cough* This answer is incorrect. The correct answer (tibor kalman) and the appropriate chain continuation was supposed to be up.

What are the rules for chains that have been broken by wrong answers?

Kinka Usher - Mystery Men (directed), Michael Bay - Texas Chainsaw Massacre (produced), Ridley Scott - Hannibal (director/producer).

There was a moderately convincing rumour going around Hollywood and the Advertising World a little while ago that Kinka Usher was actually.... who?

As a random side note...a few hours after posting the above Jim Jarmusch answer, I visited Freezepop's web site (great band) who has a song called Here comes a Special Boy which talks about Phillippe which is some web comic which was humorous. As I kept turning, I found this. It freaks me out how it all comes back to Jarmusch. No, Phillipe's were harmed in the making of this comment...

Tim Burton, known for whimsical dark comedies like "Edward Scissorhands" and "Beetlejuice" also directed this troubled star's big adventure movie.

Tim Burton directed Pee Wee's big adventure back in 85, and most recently worked with Johnny Depp who stars as JM Barrie in the film Neverland, which includes scenes filmed in what park?

the chain dies at a wrong answer. drats, foiled again! Now someone must solve the Tibor Q "retrospective at London's Design Museum, designed by whom?" further up...

Very convincing rumor.

Hyde Park, in London if I'm correct. Here is an Ad-Rag question: What video game platform had a commercial, located on this site, that featured a falling gargoyle, a girl with a red balloon and a dark, ominous tone.

We must do this again sometime.

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