Trivia chain game - Round two!


Trivia chain game - Round two!


Yes, it's round two of the trivia game, a chance to show off your adgrunt skills, impress everyone with your ad trivia and win a 20-pack of Jewelboxings! Last weeks winner was Shoepal.

Ask a question about advertising that contains the answer to the previous question. Simple as that.
We'll pick a post each week for the next two weeks (this is round two remember?) and send them a Jewelboxing 20pack free of charge.

watch out for wrong answers - last weeks game we sorta got a split chain there for a while. ;) If you see a wrong answer, and can provide the correct one, better do that.

Ready? Lets go! We'll start the chain off here....

What was the true nationality of the actor who played the so-called "crying Indian" featured in the "People Start Pollution, People Can Stop It" public service announcement that debuted on Earth Day, 1971?

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In what American city did Italian-born chef Hector Boiardi open the restaurant that would become the foundation of the Chef Boyardee pasta empire?

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Your turn! Hit that post button!


Cleveland-originating Royal Appliance, maker of Dirt Devil, had a bit of controversy a few years back over the digital insertion of what dead actor/dancer into their commercials?

Fred Astaire was dancing in a 1997 dirt devil ad campaign thanks to the magic of post-production, recently a deceased famous athlete has been spotted running with Beckham in an ad for what brand of athletic wear?

"Ali ain't dead. I'm doin' fine.
Adidas just used a younger version of mine."
The agency behind it, known to be jocular,
Fitted their entry with a big ol' binocular.
Their famous CD, a tall, bearded maven
has what for a name? (Think Nippon for "raven".)

(bows to Claymore superior rhyming skills and fancy correction of my mistake about Ali being dead)

Lee Clow is the man with the plan at Chiat Day
the ad called his masterpiece was recently re-released
with an added detail - a small musical beast -
who did the post production/cgi?

Digital Domain also worked on reel after reel
for the company that joined Jerry and the Man of Steel.
That recent film touted a particular state
rhyming with an athlete in Visa and Apple ads of late.

Who directed the Visa spot?

Allen Coulter helmed the director's chair
for the ad with the Yao and the Yogi and flair.
But back to the cinema verite spot,
with Seinfeld and Supes and meandering plot.
A five minute commercial shows plenty of pluck,
so who did the voice of the Kryptonian schmuck?

Oh yes, Patrick Warburton,
that longish title is true.
But a uniform meant something
to a shorter commercial, too.

When he donned a uniform
in a spot about steering
what was the brand name
that everyone was hearing?

That'd be Cadillac, Jack
And you ain't talkin' smack
'Cause those cars run forever
With plenty room in the back

But a few years ago
More than tires did blow
From a misconceived notion
Costing plenty of dough

They said, "What the f**k!?"
"There's a wizardly duck!"
But what supermodel
drove it into the muck?

cadillac was the brand being heard on the airwaves
what bank got heat for the tagline "jesus saves"?

d'oh! must have beat me by a couple of seconds.

Cindy Crawford drove a Cadillac Caterra
another supermodel applied her mascara
got into her car
drove not very far
before hitting a wall
blew airbag and all

... but didn't even smudge her makeup when she crashed that Citroen, who was it?

Claudia Schiffer is the name that you're thinking
which actor sold billy on the benefits of orange juice drinking?

Robert Loggia may have hawked for the juice,
(an inspired decision with a connection quite loose)
But a John K cartoon begat a fun single
With a retooled version of the old Slinky jingle
It was for a toy, improbably cool
That previously existed as primitive fuel

What was the name of this product so dear
That made all the kiddies holler and cheer?

The desire of every child under ten
Was a product named Log
Hawked on a show featuring Stimpy and Ren
Now here's one from the land of heat and smog:
A spot by Young and Rubicam
Featured two KO'd assistants
And a Chief Exec in a jam
Who was the actor that wore the CEO pants?

While the CA spot featured the great Ed Wheeler
Campbell's Chunky Soup used this Pittsburgh Steeler
He starred in a spot and his legs got worse
Thus continuing this stew-based curse

His teammates like to call him The Bus
But what's his real name? Go ahead, discuss.

Jerome Bettis is the one of whom you spoke;
Time for another question about advertising and sports:
A commercial with Mean Joe for Coke
Features what child actor in a role that supports?

Word has it the kid was a rugger
Never could understand the thrill
I'd rather get beaten by a mugger
Or take a seven-story spill.

Tom Okon was coke's child fan
But after that his career hit the pan

Another child star was just eight when he made his debut
In Robert Zemeckis' Back to the Future...Two.

Then, in the year two-thousand, he was persuaded to act
In a film with a name which seems rather apt.

The name of the film was 'Chain of Fools'
But it's the name of the kid that could win you the 'Jewels'

Elijah Wood was challenged to find a magic ring
but in a Super Bowl ad he presented a challenge of his own
to a former US Vice President who can't seem to spell a thing
and a Dallas Cowboy quarterback, for which product rather well-known?

Wavy Lays is the product that Mr. Woods hawked.
But he was not the first pitchman with an annoying squack.
Domino's rubbery pitchman once caused an emotional spate
that resulted in a hostage situation in what southern state?

Georgia was home to Kenneth Lamar Noid
Who wished the evil claymation destroyed
He shared the same name
So he tried something lame
With a hostage scheme badly deployed

Now Kenny might have been bent
By his personal commercial torment
But protesting an ad
Is a popular fad
For uppity folks who dissent

Some prissies were shocked and dismayed
By a store logo proudly displayed
"Dyslexics confuse it with sex!"
"And organs that flex!"
What's the name of this branding grenade?

Here's the answer to your three-verse limerick:
It was FCUK that made people sick.
But who was the actor
who famously yelled of what lacked her?
(She was speaking of burgers, not dicks.)

Clara Peller of "Where's the Beef?" fame
Did something that Wendy's found rather lame.
She "found it" it in which other brand
Which caused Wendy's to slap her hand?

ah yes, please forgive my haste;
i'm new to this thread and had only gotten a taste.
but now i believe i know the rules of this game,
so in the future i won't be so lame.

"I found it" bellowed late Clara Peller.
But t'was Prego, not a well-endowed feller.
After Wendy's, what chain
With a repeated proclaim
Was another Cliff Freeman best-seller?

Pizza! Pizza! cried the mascot for Little Caesers
which came to us from the brains of Cliff Freeman & Partners.
They recently got snake eyes and became the losers
during a creative review for what account that went to another agency & Partners.

Pizza, Pizza was the refrain
Of the Little Caesar's 'toon
It's question time again,
and not a moment too soon.

Plucky David O once heard it said
By name number three (an agency head)
It wasn't Ned or Mac
Who took the honest track
And admitted this politican's spot was better off dead.

gah, just beaten. next time!

Kirshenbaum Bond got the Mohegan Sun,
A big ol' casino for gaming and fun.
Another account gambled after leaving the Cliff
On flash-based primates with movements quite stiff.
These out of tune critters in need of some braces
Sing for what brand of restauranty places?

Quiznos have the sponge monkeys
singing 'we love the subs'
they are the pepper bar junkies
not everybody loves

their animated cousins are funky
dancing an' singing so spunky
....for what channel do they do the dubs?

It's VH1 for which they're squeekin'
And VH1's general manager Christina Norman
could possibly have been workin'
For the Quiznos brand doing what as their main woman?

Boiardi started his restaurant in new york, blah.

Boiardi started his restaurant in chicago.

Chicago? New York? Nope...Cleveland is correct.

What was her job prior to working for VH1? Relates to something she could have done for Quiznos working with the likes of Chuck Clemmons and Santiago Suarez. Other products she worked with included Tylenol Allergy Sinus, hamburgers, and corn chips.
(yeah I fell off the rhyme's too early in the am to do that.)

From wrangling to managing
Patience is a virtue, and a smart career move. Ms. Norman advanced from the prosaic work of wrangling pharmaceuticals, hamburgers and corn chips for tabletop directors such as Chuck Clemmons and Santiago Suarez, to producing and then managing one of the most creative commercial outfits, the MTV on-air promotions unit.

The year was 1991, and the on-air unit was known as the incubator that hatched Beavis & Butt-Head. Later it became the breeding ground for star spot directors such as Tom Kuntz and Mike Maguire

I have no clue if the answer is contained in here. If it is, then this is a gimme. I'm a bit confused on the question.

She was the gal behind the money-shot
(of product close-ups, known as table-top)

Quiznos hires these folks for their grub
to show a glistening, well-toasted sub

In the 50s, they had quite a scheme...
How'd they get turkeys on camera to steam?

A puff from a stick with a Winston label
Blown by a staffer underneath the table
That's how you simulate the steam
for an oven-fresh bird photo shoot regime

Speaking of fowl and manipulation
I can feel the Colonel's ghost's frustration
KFC no longer means Kentucky Fried?
What's the new wording their agency tried?

Kitchen Fresh Chicken's the name the agency claimed was swell--
now what's the 2 first-name real name of the actor dude from Dell?

(to the tune of Jack and Jill)

Benjamin Curtis was Steve for Dell
But got caught smoking something naughty.
Now the 'dude' is gone
And we've all moved on
So let's not get all haughty

Another star with two first names
Is known for his tuneful squawking
His song for the UK
Asked 'are you prepared for amore'
But what channel was E.J. hawking?

The great Elton John
Sang "Are you ready for love?"
For Sky Sports and cash

What comes from the sky
Dropping Bowie and baseballs
Like strange acts of God?

Satellite of Love:
XM. Station WLS
was tied to what store?

The rhyming is over, but some still want more.
Congratulations to Grandmaster MC Claymore.
To end the chain: the store was Sears Roebuck.
And when Trivia Chain 3 begins, good luck.


Now, take a bow everybody - super well done!

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