true moan on the sad state of computer typography


true moan on the sad state of computer typography


Textism post on Quark express - he'll read through the lines of their press release for you. John Gruber translates it from PR-speak to english.

Adobe eventually came up with a project, codenamed K2, code-codenamed ‘Quark Killer’, now called Indesign. It’s good. It has native support for Opentype. Nobody uses it.

we do, and we highly recommend it. :) really! try it you'll like it and all that.
in swedish Quark is often called "Knark" (drugs).


from John Grubers translation:

PDF creation technology has been incorporated into QuarkXPress 6, allowing users to output PDF files directly from QuarkXPress without having to purchase a license for third-party software.
Dear Adobe,

Fuck you.


Quark this, Indesign that.... is there a support group for those of us who still use PageMaker (no, don't laugh!)

C'mon now. Everybody knows that real pros only use SuperPaint and Print Shop on Mac System 6!

8.6, thank you very much!

Until OSX reinstates the happy mac, my motto is "hell no, I won't go..."

Guess I should be glad you let the opportunity to make a "what? you don't use ms publisher?" slide.

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