Truth in election posters?

It's election time again in Denmark, this time for the local major and city elections, and as usual the election posters scattered all over town have to be messed with.
During the last government election an artist on Nørrebro painted almost every poster in his neighbourhood so that they became colourful portraits, works of street art, instead of the usual smiling politicians. This time someone decided to unveil a particular politicians past.

Louise Frevert, best known for her dumbass comments a few weeks ago where she suggested that all muslims in Denmark should be placed in Russian prisons, has a past as a belly dancer and "erotic model". That's right, she was a porn star in the seventies. Someone thought that all the voters should know this, and defaced almost every one of her posters in Copenhagen, replacing her posed politician portrait with her decidedly raunchier porn poses from the past. Louise was of course, not amused - but man on the street says it won't change their opinion of her. She can't "drop any further below the freezing point" as a poll in revealed.
Her blast from the past can be seen here not safe for work link, unless you work in a porn shop.

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    hey if you're gonna have a fascist in office, it might as well be a sexy one!

    comment 2:

    thank heaven for 1970's danish porn. it makes me want to go there tomorrow! ha!

    Nov 15, 2005