Tunnel vision for Royal Caribbean in Beantown


"In a first-of-its-kind commercial for Greater Boston (Massachusetts, USA), subway riders will see an ad for the Royal Caribbean cruise line take shape outside the windows of Red Line trains as they travel toward downtown Boston. Think frame-by-frame animation: 400 still images have been placed on a 1,000-foot stretch of tunnel wall, between the Harvard and Central stations. Timed so riders see 24 images per second, lights flash on and off as a train passes, transforming the images into a moving montage of cruise-goers snorkeling, jet-skiing, and rock-climbing aboard a Royal Caribbean ship."

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    An old European trick, this. There have been many a campaign of this sort in the subways of Budapest...

    Glad to see it's finally come to America, though. Now if only we could get the mobile phones that the Europeans are using...

    Aug 19, 2004

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