Tweethletes: A Social Media Experiment.

Denmark based social media company People Group have sent this over. It's called Tweethletes.

A social media experiment that will attempt to run the 100M race using tweets. According to their site
"A tweet is 2.5 cm high, so to cover 100 meters, we need 400 tweets And to win the race we need it in less than ten seconds."

Uh, what?

When Usain Bolt puts his feet in the starting blocks this Olympics, I'm not going to turn away from that race so I can bang on my keyboard to see if a bunch of dorks can make a cartoon bird move across the screen before the fail whale halts the progress. I'm going to watch Usain Bolt try to set another world record. You know? Actually watch the athletes?

By the way, I have to assume they are talking about Usain Bolt. That's because the Olympics people are a funny lot. And by "funny" I mean "really strict." If one isn't an official sponsor of the Olympics, than for 40 days, one is barred from using certain words in advertising. Words such as "Olympians," "Olympics," "Gold" "London," "2012," or presumably "Usain Bolt." They call this the Rule 40 period.

I guess that applies not just to brands but to Agency Self Promotion Tactics lame social media experiments, too.

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    Sonics (not verified)

    There is a 0 missing, it's not 400, it's 4000 tweets.

    Oct 17, 2012

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