Twist on bathroom advertising.

Ads on urinals are not new, but these ones are activated by....ahem...the user. "A novel advertising campaign with a very serious message kicked off on Wednesday and will soon be seen in pub toilets around New Zealand. The Land Transport Safety Authority wants to stop men drinking and driving so it has aimed its message where they can't help but notice it - in pub urinals. The message takes the form of logos fixed to the metal panel of urinals. The logos are invisible and become visible when urine comes in contact with them. They disappear again when cold water flushes over them."

Ladies don't feel left out, the article states that they are working on similar ads for women.

They say either: "If you drink then don't drive you're a bloody legend" , with a picture of a taxi, or: "If you drink then drive you're a bloody idiot" with a picture of a wrecked car.