Twitter cuts off @TheeDosEquisMan without warning. Fo' shame!


Dear Twitter, with risk to my own accounts, may I ask you to please reconsider your current "we can suspend anyone at any time" thing? First to get the chop as towerbridge - and given to the Tower Bridge museum due to trademark infringement. So, that was just a bot account, reporting on the bridges doing, but it was loved by many. And I understand "infringement" sets off legal alarms all over the office, but, those lawyers you have should like, maybe check things. Isn't that what you pay them for? The words "Tower bridge" appear in several trademarks, education services, leather goods, cocktails, tobacco, securities, hardware, STMicroelectronics text trademark. I can understand that you're afraid of what happened with "domain squatting" happening on twitter, which is fair, but before a shutdown of any account in order to hand it over to someone else, contact the user to give them a chance to change their (possibly) trademark infringing name.

Two weeks ago you emailed 'we can suspend any account at anytime for any reason.' to @TheeDosEquisMan, and now all his hilarious tweets are lost. I know his parody of the brand was probably far too easy to confuse with the real brand, who did not rock twitter as hard as their biggest fan, but giving parody accounts a chance to change their ways when they have cultivated a fan-following would go a long way in good karma.

ps - also can I have my accounts verified please? ;P

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