Twitter now sneaks "promoted tweets" into your timeline.


Twitter now sneaks "promoted tweets" into your timeline.

It's official, twitter has now rolled out "Timely Tweets" which are promoted tweets targeting your feed. Before we freak out, these promoted tweets are only coming from brands we actually follow, and you will only see them once, not a bazillion time like the Viagra-spam in your inbox.
"Hmm... This might just work..." she said, as she quickly unfollowed every brand she ever followed. (two, and that's just beacuse @MTV and @DrPepper follow me so I'd feel rude unfollowing them...)

That's why starting today, we're introducing a way to ensure that the most important Tweets from the organizations you follow reach you directly, by placing them at or near the top of your timeline. These Promoted Tweets will scroll through the timeline like any other Tweet, and like regular Tweets, they will appear in your timeline just once. Promoted Tweets can also be easily dismissed from your timeline with a single click.


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