Two weeks into school, and the students are already selling apps they made

There's a school in Malmö (a clever URL spelling out "profession"), that prides itself in giving students hands-on experience and projects so that the students learn by doing, and it looks like their iPhone classes are already paying off in spades. It's only two weeks into the course and the apps made by students are already available in the iTunes App Store. Most apps are free, but one student decided to make his a 99-cent app.

"Though my app "Bloggarna" you can keep track of the most read (Swedish) fashion bloggers in one app. I'm trying to imagine what we can do in six months, if we can do this in two weeks...

says Nils Dunsö, who also notes that his app is currently climbing among the 15 most popular apps in entertainment.

The School has one year courses and the students work on their projects from idea to the technical execution for all kinds of apps aimed at the iTunes and Android market. Like most schools in Sweden the education is free, but the studies are far more hands on and practical rather than only theoretical. Next chance to apply is in April 2011. So, all ye wanting to hire iPhone & Android developers, your prayers have been answered, they're learning right now.