The ultimate adlinks directory is back


The ultimate adlinks directory is back

Hey adgrunts, the adlinks are back - but it's not finished yet and I'm being totally indecisive today (I blame my current job where I swear we have a committee meeting before deciding if we should have lunch and then another one regarding what to have!) - so I need your help. At least your input.

1) Adlinks right now show only ten from links each category by default, then you can go to another page to see the rest.
Should we keep it that way? Or should we show only the categories first? That would allow for a better overview of available types of links before one clicks the arrows to reveal what's inside?

2) Ad agencies links were killed and moved to another page in the past as it just got really really unwieldy with the number of agencies around the planet. On the other hand, it's really nice to find every agency in one place.
So do you guys want it back? Perhaps it could be sectioned up in subsections so it's easier to get a good overview. Any suggestions?

3) Similarly, the adgrunts blogs section is getting quite long and difficult to get good view of, but again it's probably nice to find them all in one place.
Should we section these up a little, perhaps by language- or should we just link the ad blogs that bother linking us back in return? Few on that long list do. Again, we dig suggestions.

The portfolio links are very thin, add yours.

Just like the old adlinks section you adgrunts can add your own, and report dead links. People who are not signed in to the site can not. Why not? Because spammers plain old love to try and get links everywhere and we have better things to do than weed such gunk out. That's why. :)


1) What about the top 3 in each category? Coupled with an expandable, overview navigation meny in the left-hand column?
2) Geographic (country, state, etc.) categories would be nice for a start. Then possibly sub-categories for the types of agencies listed, i.e. full-service, digital, action, etc.
3) Linking Adland should be a "must" for everyone! ;)

Portfolio? Ok, I just suggested mine...

Thanks, I'll have a look into how to do that. Sorting geographically shouldn't be too hard.

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