Underground bands are really unknown.

Underground bands are really unknown.. And that is part of the attraction, no?

..if you've heard...

Client: Underground Music Festival.
Agency: Anderson & Lembke. San Francisco
AD: Rob Hollenbeck
CW: Matt Rivitz
Line reads:
If You've heard of these bands
you must be in them.

..dutch copy..

Client: zeldzaam onbekend muziekfestival
(rare unknown musicfestival)
Agency: FHV/BBDO amsterdam
CW: Names not mentioned.
Line Reads:

We have bands that are so unknown that
they sometimes forget their own name.

Ok, Here's a case of a creative juicing up his book, I guess
to impress someone. But since I also found the original ad in a Communication Arts Annual lying around his office, I'm not impressed.

Are you? Not surprising, he still hasn't moved on to a new job....... ;P

(And if you are wondering what I was doing in his office, I was trying to nick briefs, like normal people).

What's your theory, inspired or simply stolen?

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