UniBond's No More Cracks fills screens fast

manchester online reports:" Last night, an ad for UniBond's No More Cracks filler was rushed onto to TV-screens - just hours after the last shakes from a tremor measuring 2.8 on the Richter scale."

The slam-dunk topical ad was created by Didsbury agency BDH/TBWA, which has lived through the "swarm" of Greater Manchester earth movements first hand lately.

Danny Brooke-Taylor, creative director at BDH/TBWA, said: "We're usually asking for more time on projects so we've probably shot ourselves in the foot here.

it continues:

"The 10 second advertisement featured a piston pack of UniBond No More Cracks standing in a classic "pack shot" situation, against a plain white background.

Suddenly the bottle begins to rattle around and rumbling sounds are heard."

But what is the punchline? Manchester online doesn't say. Do you have any suggestions of what the tagline might have been? or should have been?

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