V changes their logo to "Vultures", Klouchebag tells the truth and Nerf shoots themselves in the foot

Vänsterpartiet (formerly vänsterpartiet kommunisterna now known only as the left party) have updated their V in their logo and suddenly all I can think about is the vultures who have that same V tattooed in their forehead. Hat tip @Lordfredruk.

In Wired the article What your Klout score really means tells of people rejected for jobs despite 15 years of experience, because their Klout score was low. Soon the mystery gamable algorithm that is Klout will steer you to hotel-upgrades, extra wide flight seats, complimentary drinks and more. Reading the comments however, everyone seems to think this is a load of howsyourmother. Enter the refreshing Klouchebag, it's the anti-klout and the Standard for Asshattery, where dabitch scores a 'facepalm central' while my alter ego adland is 'mostly alright'. So now we know who is Jekyll and who is Hyde.

Nerf shoots themselves in the foot by tricking a blogger to reveal his adress, just to send him lawyers. Turns out the blogger has posted exited words about upcoming unreleased Nerf-guns on his nerf-nerdy blog and Hasbro wanted to put a stop to that. So instead of shutting the back door of the Chinese factory where these guns leaving to be sold online to fans pre official release date, they cease and desist said fans. Hey, guys, you're fixing the problem in the wrong end and buying yourself a lot of badwill.

To tie this up, I present to you the Kohler loo named Numi. Yes, there's a john named Numi and it's sold by showing date-couple in their best gear strutting around it as if it was a well designed 800-pound gorilla between them. In three fashionably shot images in that impossibly hip L.A. location the model-lady and model-man eye each other seductively while the toilet draws your eye..... Also, they're see-through like ghosts, but the loo is not. Don't ask me to explain this, call Freud.

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