The very difficult ad-quiz


The very difficult ad-quiz

Honestly adgrunts, I'm beginning to feel a little sorry for y'all.

See, we dug up some of the most widely known advertising myths and a few difficult ad-nerdy questions because we thought everyone would employ google when they tried doing the Quiz. We even thought people would post the right answers in their blogs, email them between each other, and all sorts of things, so instead of letting everyone who scored a perfect ten get an upgrade, which was the original idea, we put our limit at 100.

But it looks like you all are honest folk (in advertising? who knew!), trying to beat it with your wits alone! And so, very few have scored a perfect ten. I've even upgraded everyone who scored 9 points just because you guys were so close. I don't want to be unfair to anyone so since people who scored 9 get an upgrade, that'll be the rule from now on. Kay?

Words of encouragement, and a warning, this quiz is not meant to be easy. You can only try once! Hint: Myth will help you a long way. Relax, take your time, and give it a go. AdLand Quiz: Ad Trivia, Truth and Myth (link removed as the Quiz is over)

So far, the clever adgrunts who scored have been; caffeinegoddess who needs no upgrade, chong.eileen, brandonbarr & RocknrollAdvertising with a perfect ten each. SweetPigs, yaksox & slydecix who got upgrades for their 9 points. C'mon people, try harder, there are so many upgrades to give away! We want to celebrate our ninth birthday in style!



I've even contemplated removing the last two questions just to make tehe quiz a little easier.. should I?

I thought, don't be silly how hard can it be.

And then I did the quiz. Ah. Tricky.

But I scored a perfect ten!!

Only if I can give it another try ;) The last question was the most difficult!

You can thank Caff for that one, she came up with it. ;)

I Google:d on most of them though and one question came up as an urban legend... Tricky. Did I choose the wrong answer on that one? Only God and Dabitch knows. :-)

You picked the right answer on that Chevy thing, however a wrong answer on question #2.

Don't worry, on Friday I'll let y'all know what the right answers are. :)

Wow. I'm in shock. I thought I nailed this thing. I only questioned myself on number 10. I think we're going to need to see some facts behind the answers. I went with the facts not the myths; did that kill me? I saw the hint, but ignored it.

You might have had the wrong facts, the two first and two last questions were answered wrong. :/ Sorry man.

Ouch. I got 8 right. I think I know exactly where I went wrong too, how annoying. Question number ten is hard.

On question ten, personify those three men and imagine each of them saying that. Only one sounds really "right" saying it, given the way they approach advertising.

But that was the one I really held my breath about when I submitted. :)

HUGE CLUE! Lookie here.

The Apple ad question is NOT what you think!

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