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Well, you've seen that one odd Gushers commercial titled 'Karate" (Titled "Dojo" here). So, maybe you're wondering exactly how they do it.

So, how do they take two kids doing karate, and turn them into flipping, twirling, gusher heads? Well, it's partly thanks to a company known as 'Spontaneous'. This very weird commercial has a very weird quote to go with. The director of the piece's animation, Lawrence Nimrichter, claims, "One of the things that made the spot so much fun to work on was its concept. Many commercials rely on CG to help strengthen an idea. But this spot used CG to realize an already great idea," Ok...sure. Karate kids getting their heads stretched into fruits. What a concept. Although the commercial itself was definitely not outstanding, there was quite a lot behind it, and the workings behind it can be seen here, On Spontaneous site

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