Video by gets mocked


Video by gets mocked


By now you might have seen's "viral" video they posted to youtube for their pitch for Subway's online work. There were some interesting comments in the adfreak post on it.

Coudal Partners has responded in kind with their own little video. Adfreak also points to "When we roll, we roll big" tee shirts someone made.

UPDATE: explains "the reason".


That video is pure genius!

Non ad-types have actually been passing the video around. Again, just to mock them. But still. ;)

I was wrong. It's had nearly 1,200,000 hits since July 31 - OKGo

And that's a "viral" is it? Is anyone, outside of ad types, going to pass this sandwich on? Don't think so. Its had what? 44,000 hits? The new OKGo YouTube vid has had over a million in the same time - that's a "viral". "When we tank, we tank big".

Dabitch, if you like that one, have a look at the one that started the phenomenon - OKGo "There's a million ways to be cruel" They perform this dance routine at the end of all of their gigs and the crowd goes wild. Now they invite people to make their own dance vids and post them to YouTube. The best ones are invited to get up and dance with OKGo. My 2year old boy makes me play these videos at least twice a day. So far he hasn't managed to get the dance steps down.

hahah. I think one other part that is missing is that just because people are sending it around (within a small community), it's to make fun of them and see how poorly they executed this project. Not because they are masters of the viral - as they seem to think. So, I suppose you could say it's viral in that it's passed around, but it's 1) not a good viral and 2)being passed around for reasons other than the intention of it's creation.

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