Video Marketing Strategies That Work?


Video Marketing Strategies That Work?

You know those amazing commercials where the guy draws on a whiteboard? We loved those videos so much we made our own version. Question: How have other marketers found videos like this to work in the advertising world?

I tried to attach the video here, but if you can't view it, here it is on YouTube.



I got a 70%. Of course, I was doing it without sound.

 Edit-crap, how did this get here? The site is glitching up on me...

Quelle strange. Are you a several tab-browsing kind of guy? Cuz I do that all the time when I have a bunch of tabs open. I'm such a featherhead.

I do use tabs a fair bit. The problem I have on this site is that sometimes when I start writing a comment before the page finishes loading, strange things happen. All the texts will vanish, I'll be redirected to the main page, or in this case, it posted to the wrong topic. Strange.

Hmm. Ok, maybe not so strange - I think we can blame the TinyMCE rich-text settings that you had enabled. I've disabled them for you I might as well set it default off for everyone actually While I got hunt down the bug in that. I've seen it act weird recently, and Safari never did get along too well with it. Firefox used to be fine but now it seems buggy.

The TinyMCE rich-text settings are just a HTML helper widget.

That makes sense. I've had rich-HTML go wonky before.

Yeah, I'm not too happy with it right now, gonna remove it until I can get it to play happy in all browsers. It's only meant to help people who don't do basic HTML to bold/italics/link and add images anyway.

So, the text stuff works with simple html? Test

Edit-I guess not. Either that or I'm doing it wrong.

Square brackets is BBCode, HTML is the brackets so and makes: italics. There ya go.

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