Virtual Delivery


Virtual Delivery


It would seem that virtual reality has taken one step closer to the 'Net as depicted in popular novels like Neuromancer and Through a Scanner Darkly. Both Blizzard Entertainment (and their World of Warcraft MMORPG) and Sony Entertainment (whose Everquest and Everquest II exploded the market) have signed deals with restaurants to allow ordering in the game.

Read about it here:
World of Warcraft's Pandara Express (/panda)
Everquest II's Pizza Hut (/pizza)

fromWorld of Warcraft's Pandara Express (/panda)

Imagine you are on an instance run in Maraudon, Dire Maul, or even Blackrock Spire. Two long hours into the dungeon and you suddenly notice the hunter in your group feeding his pet. That triggers a rumbling in your belly, which reminds you that you haven't eaten anything all day! How can you satisfy your craving without abandoning your group?! Before, there was nothing for you to do but suffer in hunger. Now, thanks to Pandaren Xpress®, creators of low-priced gourmet meals, you no longer have to leave the group for a food break. In less time than it takes your party's casters to regain mana (even less if you don't have a mage), you can order Chinese take-out from the comfort of your chair! No more tedious walking over to the telephone! No more arduous pushing of unfamiliar phone numbers!


Only one thing comes to my mind after reading that: "Why the eff wasn't this invented back in my gaming days????
Reminds me of the Jolt-cola key on computer keyboards at MIT.

Pizza Hut and Everquest is real, the Blizzard one was premiered on April 1st as a joke on the rival game, as far as I know.

and the Pandaren are a species of creatures in the game. it is meant to be a play on the US chinese food chain Panda Express.

I'll second that "wow" and add a "damn!!!"

Potential here, definitely potential.

perhaps i wasn't clear enough. the panda command in world of warcraft is a hoax!

I can still get " /pizza" in Everquest right? Because the idea is awesome!

Yup, /pizza is a real feature and tie-in with Pizza Hut.

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