Vladivar vodka virals itself


Vladivar vodka virals itself


Behold, the TV spots tailor made for viralocity. Har Mar Superstar dances about, he is the new Vladivar Vodka front man.

What does he think is the best thing about Vladivar vodka? "They have me as their spokesperson."


Who ever said suburban Minnesota white boys can't rock the palace?

See also TheFuckingBest , Har Mar Superstars own fab website, where all films are available for download.

hat tip Claymore


He is the fucking best.

He' OK. Reminds me of Jon Lovitz. Or a poor man's Ron Jeremy.

A valiant effort, perhaps, but I think we've seen the goofy spokesperson person before in Fallon's "Dick -- Creative Superstar" for Miller Lite; and Mother London did something similar with a cheesy, pornstaresque Kung Fu guy for their Christmas greeting a few years back... Actually, has anyone even heard of Vladivar Vodka? Or does this reek of the Hero of Heroes' XO beer campaign?

I'm a pretty heavy boozer myself, and I've never heard of Vladivar... Is it available in Europe?

London, Glasgow, Edinburgh,and then we take Berlin....
to add to that, there has been no Dick the Creative genius in a UK campaign, yet.

According to a reviewer at dooyoo.co.uk, Vladivar is or was the #2 selling vodka in the UK. And it appears to be a lower priced liquor (probably similar to *gack* Phillips vodka in the US), so that would explain their strategy of going after a younger market, where an efficient drunk often takes priority over prestige or taste.

damn catchy tune... *dances away*

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