Vodaphone shows their true colors.

the Tri-Nations rugby match between New Zealand and Australia had to be halted due to streakers.

Two streakers bearing the Vodafone logo on their bodies invaded the pitch during the second half of the match in Sydney.

Grahame Maher, head of the Australian arm of the British-based Vodafone Group plc, admitted that he knew about the stunt before the event.

"He said he had some ideas about what he could do to get some international television exposure at Telstra Stadium, and if he did and it cost a fine would I pay it?" Maher added.

"I said sure, and lo and behold it then happened."

The streakers ran up to and around All Blacks fly-half Andrew Mehrtens as he was preparing for a crucial penalty kick.

After the men were removed by security, Mehrtens missed the kick and the All Blacks went on to lose the match 16-14 against their bitter rivals.

Maher said he now regrets his decision to encourage the man, who he knew only as "Brett", and stressed he did not know what he had planned.

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