The Volvo Ocean Race Online Challenge


In celebration of the 2005-2006 Volvo Ocean Race, the world’s premier global sailing race, Mindblossom developed the Volvo Ocean Race Online Challenge for Volvo Canada. Mindblossom created something that leveraged the Volvo Ocean Race and increased awareness and consideration of Volvo within the Canadian market. Through participation in the online challenge, people view video clips, see photos and answer questions not only about the Volvo Ocean Race, but Volvo itself as well. Last but not least, this challenge is truly viral in nature – the “skipper” creates a boat and needs two crew members to join in order for them to begin playing. It launched back on November 12th and already we have seen over 1000 (x3 people) boats enter the game with little promotion as of yet!

We really think this is a huge Canadian success story and takes the online medium and advertising in Canada to a whole new level!

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