Volvo's spoof within a spoof for the S40- Mystery of Dalarö.

A new Volvo ad , a "documentary" (rather, a mockumentary), tells about the "mystery of Dalarö" where 32 families bought the same model car, a Volvo S40, on the very same day. The mocumentary ad can be viewed here, and in cinemas in the UK.

Now the site of Carlos Soto, the "director" of the mocumentary has a film where Carlos questions the authenticity of the Dalarö-mystery.

"I have posted a personal edit of the footage here. I point out inconsistencies that occurred to me while reviewing the footage, and show an accurate and impartial view of what I saw. The original edit tells what I thought was a genuine story, that I no longer do."

The kicker is, there is no Carlos Soto............

Tim Ellis, global director of advertising at Volvo Cars, said: "Even though it comes off as quite serious, the story is actually very playful -- once you think you've got it, we offer one more layer to the communication to question that assumption."

The ads were created by MVBMS Fuel Europe, Amsterdam, and shot by Spike Jonze.

Simon Pride, European account director at the agency, said: "People are absolutely saturated with advertising these days and we need to find new ways to capture their imagination and get them involved with Volvo. The internet offers great opportunities to tell interesting stories about the brand, and to do so in more innovative and entertaining ways."

Their solution, a spoof within a spoof. I'm getting dizzy. ;)

Dalarö is a small island, as the name indicates (ö = island) near Stockholm, Sweden. We don't spell it "the mystery of Dalaro".