VW Bug Run

To promote VW Beetle, DDB Stockholm brings you Bug Run, which is just like it sounds. You choose a potential winner from a lineup of beetles, place your bets, and cross your fingers. You can either bet for points on Volkswagen's site, or for money (!) on Betsson.

And lest you think this is cruelty to insects, there is a helpful page on VW's site explaining just how well cared for they are.

Races are once per day and broadcast over a five day period. Qualifying heats, the whole deal. There are even stats about each beetle and a ranking. So get cracking and place your bets!

Fun idea. That is, if you aren't bothered by the fact that you're implying seven out of every eight VW Beetles is a loser.

At least they aren't racing lemons.

Agency: DDB Stockholm

Magnus Jakobsson - Creative Director
Fredrik Simonsson - Creative Director
Gustav Holm - Art Director
Martin Lindestaf - Copywriter
Simon Higby - Copywriter
Michael Nyberg - Producer/Production Manager
Karl-Johan Vogelius  - Web Director
Jerker Fagerström - Business Director
Andreas Fabbe - Technical Director
Martin Runfors - Digital Designer
Patrik Ronström - Planner
Jojo Brännström - Head of Digital
Eva Caspar - Account Director

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    Choppy videos.

    May 30, 2012