VW Touareg can't do what the ads say it can do.


VW Touareg can't do what the ads say it can do.


In both commercials and print ads, the VW Touareg is shown towing a massive Airstream trailer with ease, tagline "Touareg, the Volkwagen that does what other Volkswagens don't."

Except it can't do it. CBSNewYork reports.

"We did make a mistake." Volkwagen's embarrassed Press Relations Manager spoke with us via satellite from Detroit. Tony Fouladpour admitted the tongue weight of the trailer in the ad is too heavy for the Touareg, a fact VW's marketing department failed to check, said Fouladpour: "They got a little too excited, they took too much artistic license."

Hat tip to Leslie, and belly laughs to Alec who wondered if "Foul Ad Pour?" was really Tony's last name.


Doh! Someone goofed on this big time. Heads will roll.

Of course the all time classic Airstream print ad was of a man on a bicycle towing an Airstream...

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