Vytautas viral ad just like Powerthirst skit and Brawndo The Thirst Mutilator ad


I don't even.... I mean, Powerthirst was a viral skit, which later became a viral ad for a film, and now has been ripped as a real ad for mineral water? Seriously? Are our collective memories so short now that we don't remember 2007? Oh. It was the drugs. Sure. Blame the drugs.

POWERTHIRST Picnicface is LOUD and STRONG and MOCKING POWERDRINKS FOR MEN WITH BALLS, and was quite the hilarious viral success back in 07.

Mark from Picnicface even lent his voice to the Brawndo.com ads, which really were spoofs of the Picnicface's "Powerade" ads used to sneakily direct people to the Idiocracy site selling the Mike Judge film. Some people even watched that movie and liked it, so that worked out.

Now a viral ad is going around the web shilling Lithuanian awesomeness mineral water. Lots of clips are uploaded by youtube user katashnis85, and most are Lithuanian versions of this type of mineral water ad. And guess what! They're just like the ads above. Except Vytautas is a real mineral water for sale in Lithuania, and not a fake energy drink.

There's also a really cocky message in the end of the Vytautas ad, attempting to scare people off from sharing it. Seems ironic in this context.

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  • AnonymousWinner's picture
    AnonymousWinner (not verified)

    YES. Thank you. I noticed this right away and I hope POWERTHIRST* karate chops Vytautas IN THE BALLS. The balls they DON'T HAVE.

    Apr 14, 2012
  • Dabitch's picture

    This is SO very TRUE dude. It's all PART of THE CHARM.

    Apr 25, 2012

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