Want your name in a Thank You speech at the Cannes Lions festival? Buy it.

Victor and Andreas, students at the Berghs School of Communication and the winners of the Young Lions Print category are selling out namespace in their planned Cannes Lions thank-you speech on an open auction site (Tradera is Swededn's Ebay if you will).

"As students, with no income other than student loands, it's hard to get the money for a trip to Cannes. That's why we're selling the only media space that we own: the thank you speech. Ad agencies, production agencies, anyone can bid. The winning bidder will get 20 seconds where we'll say anything you want us to. The auction closes Friday the 27th of May

I have a strong feeling they'll regret that "anything you want" promise. Lets buy some bad "I am a Nazi" jokes and se how long it takes before they're booted from the festival. ;)

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