Wanted : Professional work for free


C'mon kids, you know the drill, just do this one unpaid project for us and we promise that next time a paying gig comes along we'll throw you a bone.

Hat tip: caffeinegoddess > adlist.

Readers Digest wants your headlines. You see, they're in a spec of trouble as they have written themselves into a close corner. What better way to get new juice than announce a contest?

But wait, what does the small print say?

"This Contest is open to marketing and advertising professionals who work for a consumer products company or the media, account services or creative department of an advertising agency and who are U.S. residents 18 years of age or older."
So all you people who have paid work to do, come play with this on your free time despite what your contract may say. You fellars that freelance or have been recently laid off with free time on your hands? Not eligable.

And note:

"All entries become the property of Reader's Digest and will not be returned."
does this mean the content of all entries becomes the property of Readers Digest too?
I mean all the headlines of course. They could get thousands of manhours of work, and only have to send two people to any two-night weekend getaway. What a deal!

Reminds me of thet Redbull competition that Epuk got in trouble around.

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    I've seen banners for this on nearly every marketing related site out there. I can't help but think the costs of those banners could pay a few copywriters a few hours of work.....

    Jun 26, 2003

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