Wanted: Transmission across time advert


Wanted: Transmission across time advert

Way back in 2002 thelyingspy asked in the forums where he might find the transmission across time advert. Now he's not the only one looking for it and I've searched high and low to no avail so now I ask you, dear readers, and hope that someone out there might know someone involved in it so that we can finally add this ad to the commercial archive. As thelyingspy explains, it went a bit like this:

...A VW advert was running, possibly for a Golf. The advert stopped abrubtly (bit of kinda interference type stuff going on). Then an advert started that was in a kinda arena, with peoples heads kinda floating round in bubbles. Woman bubble moves to near camera and says stuff, including "This is the first transmission across time". Anyway, advert ends, and VW advert continues as normal.

I recall the ad from ad school lectures and 1987 seems about right as the year of this ads airing - in the UK. I'm not certain but I think the sender was BT. So does anyone know where we might find it?

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