We are lucky. We are.

Have you seen we are lucky.com? This is a wonderful example of how altruism can benefit others. Which I love.

For a couple Christmases in a row, in lieu of client gifts, I bought a couple hundred dollars worth of gift cards from our local grocery store, which I then handed out to random strangers who looked like they could use some help with their grocery bill. The feeling I got from their reactions was one of pure joy. People hugged me. They shook my hand. They walked away and then came back to tell me how much of a difference I made. It was truly wonderful.

Now, when I imagine doing that very same thing with a million dollars by giving people $1,000 instead of $25 grocery store cards?

This guy must be over the moon.

The Story on we are lucky site explains how it began.

Last year I suddenly came into some money. Lots of money. More money than I'll ever need. Logically, I decided to spend a hefty chunk on space travel and I booked a place on the Virgin Galactic space flight. I loved space - all kids do. My school space project in Junior 3 was 35 pages long but I wasn't obsessed like some kids and I never got into science fiction. Is Star Wars science fiction? Well I loved that, obviously. $400,000 sounded like a price worth paying. I was to be number 421.
When I told my friends, they agreed that a trip into space would be cool but not something they'd really consider if the cash was theirs to spend. They all said they were excited for me but when the conversation turned to what they'd spend the money on - as it inevitably did - their own ideas were more creative, generous and responsible than mine. I became increasing embarrassed as I realised I was blowing a life-changing amount of money on what was essentially a selfish and pointless whim. A few days later I cancelled the flight.
I promised myself that I'd do something great with that space flight money. Something to really make a difference....

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    What is this warm and fuzzy feeling I have? It feels weird. Do I need to kill it with fire?

    Jun 26, 2012