Weekwrap: One Young World realtime social graph, 110 Stories, how to explode unemployed creatives heads


Euro RSCG created a real-time social media analysis tool to track the digital pulse of the One Young World global summit in Zurich : One Young World.

The 'visualiser' both mines and aggregates social media conversations across various social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Flickr and feeds them back into the global debate via real-time updates. Key social media statistics are updated hourly via the Cupola Lab’s digital infographic which highlights the most influential tweeters, global reach and the key areas which are causing the most online debate.

Ignacio Oreamuno is interviewed about his globe-trotting ways here at the Young Creative Council.
If you're feeling a little bored at the office and want to see some spontaneous combustion action, BlackBagcareercentral has a list of 10 things that make an unemployed creatives head explode. Yes, all these things do that, and I spot two that are illegal but if you complain you'll be branded a pariah in advertising forever so keep your gob shut.
This weeks Advertising Week Social Club playlist is out, and reveals what's on my mind. Friday Playlist - DaMuny. Play it loud.
This kickstarter project : 110 Stories is not just a pun but a clever idea for an augmented reality app. In only 21 days, they reached the goal of $25,000 and got to work straight away making it happen. Check out their videos on the kickstarter page.

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