West Coast Demand Prompts Sideshow L.A. office


Sideshow, one of the few surviving New York City-based post companies, has opened a new office in L.A. announced partners Scott Mantel and Mike McCall today.

"Sideshow has always been committed to a full service model, and the opening of the LA office is a direct response to what our clients have been asking for, and being on both coasts will give us a chance to tap into the highest end of the talent pools East and West. We've only just opened our doors here and, already we are finding ourselves frequently short-listed for projects in the Hollywood area," said Briskman.

Pray tell, how did they afford that, when so many post production houses died in NYC just recently?

"We have been growing smartly in the face of recent industry troubles largely because we have committed Sideshow to a full-service, concept through final production model, with in-house staff creative talent to handle any job," said Mantel, who with partner Mike McCall recently purchased the company from Tim Miller and have embarked on an aggressive expansion program.

Last month executive producer Andrea Allen joined the company to run a new live-action unit, which is already running ahead of schedule with high profile projects for Oxygen, History Channel, A&E Networks, designer Vera Wang and ad agency Kaplan Thaler, among others.

"In New York, Sideshow has developed into one of the most innovative production and design shops in the business," said Briskman. "Offering our creative services to networks and agencies from offices on both coasts completes the package. I'm thrilled to be a part of it."

Sideshow was founded in NYC 1996 and maintains talented teams of creative directors, senior producers, designers, editors, animators, and live-action producers with the latest
technical assets at their disposal. The latest additions have been a dedicated live-action production group and senior creative directors rounding out the "concept through completion" promise.

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  • AnonymousCoward's picture
    AnonymousCoward (not verified)

    Wow! From what I've heard the company has been trying to grow selectively, by showcasing only parts of their staff...(however that may make other parts feel!). Recent "company" photos have excluded editors, for example!

    Another recent West Coast project failed to produce the desired results b/c the staff never showed up. In other cases, it appears that a cadre of rather underqualified middle execs have been called upon to tell on their charges!

    In other cases, it seems apparent to those who deal with the company that they shy away from cutting-edge employees for fear of "rocking the boat", when indeed it may be in their best interest--or that of their client!

    So, "how did they afford it?"--go figure!

    Sep 27, 2003

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